Q) While preparing for IIT-JEE does the student automatically gets prepared for AIEEE/CET & other engineering entrance tests?

Ans. IIT-JEE is considered to be the mother of engineering entrance exams and syllabus for all engineering based exams are almost the same as they focus on judging the fundamental knowledge of the student. The education method used at Fusion coaching takes care of problems that also cover CET/AIEEE. And at the later stages higher level question are practiced that gives them knowledge beyond IIT-JEE.

Q) How is student’s performance tracked?

Ans. Regular mock tests are conducted and the reports are sent to the parents for records. Report is generated that keep the track of syllabus that has been covered and whatever is remaining. Students who perform well in these tests are rewarded for their better performance.

Q) Are students prepared only for entrance test or even for School/Board Exam?

Ans. Besides taking complete care of the entrance test, students are also guided for school board exams because it is also important to score well in the school exams. School syllabus is also prepared and the students do not feel any need of joining other tuition classes.

Q) Do you feature any scholarship for students?

Ans. Yes, we do have a range of scholarships programs for needy and meritorious students.

Q) My son takes tuition for all the major subjects. How can Fusion coaching help?

Ans. Tuitions do help students but they only cover the syllabus that student already goes through in the school. Fusion coaching is much beyond that, we excel in delivering strategies and solution that are needed in entrance exams which not only covers the entire school syllabus but much more than that. Being with us your children not only do well in their school exam but also get through some most difficult entrance exams.

Q. What are the Teaching methodologies used by you?

Ans. Lectures are conducted throughout the week in which all the subjects are covered equally. Number of lectures may vary according to the level of the course. Regular mock tests are conducted to check their grasping skills and appropriate feedback is given to the student. Even parents are kept in the loop regarding the performance of their children. Team of expert teachers has designed short cuts through their experience to make learning process an easy task. Furthermore the methodology is regularly updated keeping in mind the requirement of time and students.

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