Student Library

Fusion Coaching offers an excellent student library which has a huge collection of books related to competitive examinations.

The library is subscribed to large number of periodicals and newspapers that gives you latest updates regarding events and happenings which is very useful for general knowledge. We understand that life is moving at a faster pace and students hardly get time even to spend minutes of daily updates. So, after the classes students can spend a relaxed time in company of their friends and get to know about the latest occurring all across the globe.

The Library also has collections of video and audio containing lectures on various topics. One can also make use of this space and time to create their confusion on any topic with the guidance of their teacher if the teacher is not busy with any lecture during that time. Library has put together good stocks of solved and unsolved competitive question papers of previous years and question bank for extra practice. It is regularly updated to bring you the best source of education that can help you clear the exams.

Students can visit the library at any hour of the day but not during their classroom. Utilise the facilities well, in case you are aware of certain book that might not be available in the library but would help you and your friends in competitive exams, do let the administration know and we will arrange it as early as possible.

NOTE: Make sure no book is taken out of the premise and no pages are torn from the books. If found so, students will be charged for the loss/damage.

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