Transport facility

Fusion coaching provides well-organised transport facilities for the safe passage of our students. Facility is available of selected routes but can be modified according to the needs of the students. Whether it’s the safety of your ward or dropping them in harsh weather conditions our trained drivers take utmost care of it. The facility takes care of pick and drop of the student at the destination mentioned by the parents.

Certain norms related to transport facilities are:
  • Transport facility is an optional service for the convenience of our students
  • Transportation fee has to be paid in advance with the coaching fee.
  • Services cannot be discontinued in the mid session.
  • In case of residence change, another bus can be arranged with permission.
  • Discipline has to be maintained in the bus
  • In case of absence, drive must be pre-informed

In case some students do not avail our transport facility and are making use of private vehicles, parents need to verify the mode of transportation and its driver. Coaching centre will not be responsible for the security of the children in this case. It is advisable for the parents to choose a trustworthy transport system and make a note of vehicle number and driver’s proof.

NOTE: Any complaint/ suggestion regarding transportation can be made in written or meeting the administrative department personally.

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